About Me

Just an ordinary software dude trying to make the world a bit better, one line at a time. I'm way into tech, very much enjoy hanging out with good friends, and think the world would be much better if we'd simply be nicer to one another.


Not so incidentally, I'm looking to move back to the Bay Area, and that means I might be in need of a new job. So, if you have some cool leads, please do tell.

In general, I like to make useful things that people can use. In particular, I'd like to work on consumer products, either mobile applications or personal information organization systems. I have lots of ideas in this space and would love to work with people who share similar interests.

I have 7 years of experience writing C code on mobile handsets with experiences with OS kernels (Linux, WinCE, proprietary micro-kernel and RTOS), Bluetooth, drivers, and board bringup. I've also developed various programs in Perl, Python, and PHP.


email: me @ metame.org