Gmail IM Logger for Trillian Pro

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The Gmail IM Logger plugin for Trillian Pro logs your IM conversations to Gmail.

This allows you to keep all of your conversations in one place regardless of what computer you used. Also, you can use Gmail's cool search capabilities to search for your old conversations. Conversations appear as emails, with the 'im' label, in your Gmail Account.

Requires at least Windows XP SP1 or Windows 2K SP3, and at least Trillian Pro 2.0.

NOTE: (8/07/06) Gmail recently changed their login procedures causing older versions of this plugin to crash Trillian. Please download the latest version.






  1. Download the latest version of the plugin.
  2. Unzip and copy the extracted GmailIMLoggerTrillian.dll file to your Trillian Pro plugin directory, usually located in:

    C:\Program Files\Trillian\plugins

  3. Enable the Gmail IM Logger plugin in the Trillian Preferences Plugin menu.
  4. Configure the plugin by entering your Gmail username and password.



Q: Does this work with Trillian Basic, the free version?

Sorry, Trillian Basic does not support plugins. You must use the Pro version. Send gripes to the makers of Trillian.

Q: Does this work with other IM clients or other platforms?

Not yet. This plugin only works with Trillian Pro on Windows. I hope to port this over to other IM clients and platforms, like Adium for Mac and Gaim for Linux.

Q: When are my IM conversations sent to Gmail?

Your conversations are sent to Gmail 5 seconds after you close the conversation window.

Q: I can't find the IM conversation in Gmail. Help!?

The IM conversations are located in the 'im' label. In Gmail, in the left green section, click 'Labels' and 'im'.

Q: How can I exclude IM conversations when searching in Gmail?

Add this to your search string: -label:im

Q: Oh no, IRC conversations are clogging my Gmail. Help!?

Unfortunately IRC connections are not logged properly. Many many Gmail emails will appear for one IRC session.

You can exclude IRC logging by modifying:

  • c:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\GmailIMLogger.ini

Change exclude_conn= to exclude_conn=IRC:irc_name where irc_name is the name of the IRC connection you no longer want to log. Then restart Trillian. This will work starting with version 0.98 of the plugin.

Q: How do I disable this plugin?

In the Trillian preference menu, select Plugins, then uncheck Gmail IM Logger.

Q: How do I uninstall this plugin?

Remove GmailIMLoggerTrillian.dll from the Trillian plugin directory (probably located in C:\Program Files\Trillian\plugins).

Q: How can I get this to work with a proxy?

This plugin uses HTTP to communicate with Gmail. Configure your proxy using proxycfg.exe. Example: proxycfg.exe -p webproxy1:8080.

Q: How does it work?

This plugin communicates with the Gmail server much like a normal Web Browser. I used libgmail to learn about the Gmail protocol and Charles to examine the encrypted HTTP packets.

Q: I want to create my own plugin. Can you help?

The core code is written in C and should port fairly easily over to other IM clients and platforms. Send me email and we'll figure something out.


Send feedback to: me[at]metame[dot]org. I'd like to know what you like about it and how I can make it better.